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Have you considered a career in music?

Many people have a passion for music but believe that it is a hobby and that they will not be able to earn a living from it. Boston City Campus & Business College has always maintained that bringing your passion and career together makes you more successful. This conviction led us to establishing a partnership with Soul Candi who have been a success in the music industry for years.
Most people struggle to create a career in music. In order to create a music career, look into one of the qualifications available at Boston in the music industry.
We sat down with Diketso Maine (AKA Juvinale Dee), Digital Music Composition & Productions Head Lecturer at Boston, City Centre to discuss the practicalities of a day in the life of a ‘muso’. Why did he choose this career? “I chose a career (in the music industry) because of the passion I have for music, I have been a professional DJ/Record Producer/Mixing and Mastering Engineer since from 2009.”
This response reinforces for Boston not only the importance of following your passion, but also of finding work in an industry you love. Maine has a Certificate in Advanced Music Productions & Audio Engineering, Music Business, & Dj 101 from the Soulcandi Institute of Music.
We asked Maine what he does on an average day. “My day job is 8am till 5pm. This includes live lectures, advisory assistance on training, assessing assignments and exams, andfacilitating Music Production & Audio Engineering Work Shops.
“I love working with up to date technology and this includes at Boston: Music Theory and Digital Work Stations like Cubase, Reason & Native Instruments.”
So how does Maine enjoy his downtime? “Reading music books, watching music documentaries & tutorials, learning new music production techniques, practicing piano & Dj and playing soccer – that’s what makes me tick!” he says.
He continues that the most enjoyable aspect of his job is that he gets to share the passion of music and help other people to achieve their dreams in the Music Industry.
So how does Maine achieve his personal success in the industry, outside of his day job? “I have started my own record label called Juvinale Dee Productions and I have been releasing my music on all digital music stores from 2012 till now.” He continues with some of his list of achievements:
– Releasing first single that was number 1 for 4 weeks on YFM Oskido’s Hot 99 in 2009.
– Co-Produce Dj Fresca & Kudoskelem’s Sounds of Urban Tone Album.
– 2 records under Mahoota VS Vetkok’s Diamond Series Compilations.
– Record under Dj Sbu Y-lens Vol 3 Compilations.
– Released a single with Baainar Records
– Some international work and local labels like Baainar Records, Kalawa Jazz Me, Black Whole, TS Records, Soulcandi, Sheer, Tenor Records, High Pro-File Recordings, Kubic Records.
– Worked with Local Artist/Producers/DJ’s Like Zano, Dj Zinhle, Relo, Fiesta Black, Brown Dash, Mahoota Vs Vetkok, just to name few.
Clearly this man knows his industry well, and it is a privilege for students to be able to learn from him!
So what is the downside of his career? “I do not enjoy admin AT ALL!” he bemoans. Maine says that there are 3 important qualities that learners must have if they wish to pursue this career:
– Integrated understanding of the digital and analogue world of music (and its production)
– In-depth know-how of music in general
– Passion and love for the music scene!
Maine believes in further studies. “We need to study further so that we will have a successful music industry.
It will help our local artists not to be ripped off by record labels and be left with no financial means to support themselves”.
So what are his career goals? “To be part of the people who are responsible for improving our local music industry in the form of opening doors for other talents and helping other upcoming Artists.” Maine is also honest about gender bias in the industry. “Most people they see it as a man’s career which is wrong to me.”
Maine’s passion is clear when asked to describe his job in one sentence. “MUSIC”!
For people wishing to follow a career in music, Maine has this advice :
“ Research thoroughly what you fancy studying, remembering that your career path or vocation will probably be for most of your life time thus you don’t want to be stuck with wrong career choices and live a regrettable life. In simple words, just follow your dreams.”

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