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By Mmabatho Machethe

Ntombifuthi is a strong woman, she says success may not knock on everyone’s door, however what matters is that you go out there and make the most of every opportunity that you can find for yourself !
This young lady completed her matric and decided to further her studies at Boston to study Digital Marketing. “The road to success starts with You. By knowing yourself and accepting who you are – this is the first step in developing the self-confidence that will give you a competitive advantage.”
Ntombifuthi developed her confidence by leaving her comfort zones and then placing herself in a situations where she believed she would be able to build, learn and experience real life skills. She also said that being successful and having a money is a culture – its not really the amount that you have but rather what you do with what you have and how you make it work for you. “And I believe that with your confidence you will attract good opportunities and through those, opportunities to earn more! Develop a lifestyle and positive attitudes towards money and success!”
She said her purpose in life will lay a foundation for her successes and failure and she said “ if your purpose in life is weak, you are off to a poor start, which will likely weaken further as challenges arise.”
She adds that she is successful only because she did not despair or give up on herself and dreams even though things where tough, no matter how long the storm takes it shall pass. There is always a light at the end of every tunnel.


By Tsakani Nkuna

Cynthia Patricia Mathonsi, Boston City Campus & Business College, Orange Grove student studying Marketing

It takes dedication and commitment to be successful. As we celebrate women’s month in August, this Boston student thought it would be a great opportunity to reflect on women’s achievements.
As well as the challenges that female students have faced – we wanted to get some motivating thoughts from them! We recently interviewed this current student for 2018 Cynthia Mathonsi. “I encourage students on being able to be true to their self, they do not need to compare themselves with others”.

She also urged them to get a good night’s rest every night as it will improve their working memory. “Students must always be keen to learn new things in order to be able to pursue their career.
Students must also attempt to surround themselves with positive people”, says Mathonsi. In addition she said it’s been a privilege for her to study at Boston. Boston made the expertise very fluent when she thought that it would be a stressful and challenging journey. Boston is extremely good in providing real world skills for the workplace, as well as that it is an amazing institution with good hearted and supportive staff. To the next generation of learners to come she advised, “Do not give up! No matter the obstacles you come across in life , know that education is the key to success , education is the best weapon to arm yourself for greater things.”

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