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Happy Father’s Day from Inner-City Gazette

By Sithembile Moyo

Fathers in Gauteng are celebrating their special calendar day of Father’s Day on Sunday 16 June 2024.

A significant celebrated occasion that is graced by warm and cloudy weather in the city of Johannesburg.

Being a father is an experience that is coupled with huge responsibilities on their shoulders, requiring a sober mind to guide, protect and make decisions for both themselves and their family on a daily basis.

A lot of children feel safer and protected emotionally and otherwise while growing up in the presence of a father figure. This makes up for a positive transition in children lives as they progress in the stages of life. But such is not the case with those having absent fathers who don’t take active part in their lives. They are denied the basic right and comfort of being groomed and cared for by their male parent albeit those with a responsible father around have an advantage to appreciating life.

Sizwe Ngwenya mentions, “to me every day is father’s day as I recount that, I learn a lot from my children every day, and it is so amazing and a blessing to have them around me. I grew up without a father and I told myself that I will never abandon my children no matter what situation we find ourselves in as a family!’’

A father figure is most expressively a wonderful gift that one cannot exchange or afford to lose, it is a well cherished natural phenomenon that can be celebrated at any moment in time.

Danisa Kaviza is new to fatherhood and he related that, “I felt a change when my son was born, I knew at that moment that I had a purpose to live for him as I looked at his face being overwhelmed by emotions of happiness, joy, hope and purpose in life. From that moment on I knew that I had to man up and be responsible so that I can be able to look after him. I also imagined what kind of father would I be and furthermore carry on being a good husband to my wife. I love my wife so much and grateful to her for bearing such a beautiful gift of a son to our lives!”

 To all fathers out there, big ups to a job well done. We wish you a happy and awesome Father’s Day!

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