Festive Messages

Happy and safe festive season South Africans -ANCWL

One of the real joys for this festive season is the opportunity for the African National Congress Women’s League (ANCWL) leadership collective from branch level to national, to say thanks to all its members, supporters and society in general and wish them wonderful holidays and the very best for the new year.


The year 2017, was not an easy year but through the  unwavering support received  from all corners of the country and beyond, the ANCWL leadership collective is still standing strong and unshaken. You as members and supporters of ANCWL and also as society in general you encouraged the leadership collective to appreciate that is only those who are not fearless to be in the frontline and those who are uncompromising in the fight against patriarchy and male chauvinism that will bear the scars. ANCWL might have lost some battles in 2017 but not the war. With you on our side, ANCWL is guaranteed a reliable ally that will always be available in the struggle for gender oppression free society in South Africa. South Africa must be a non-sexist county in theory and in practice.

The ANCWL  plead with all the faith based communities celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ to pray for unity, peace and prosperity in our land during their prayers. We also appeal to all South Africans to refrain from alcohol and substance abuses which threatens the safety and welfare of our communities in particular the safety and welfare of women and children.

Best wishes for a wonderful festive season and a very happy new year. May joy, peace, happiness and hope overcome all your sadness and fears. May the new year brings prosperity in your lives.

Have happy and safe festive season!!!

Issued by:
Meokgo Matuba

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