Natalie Rabson of Boston City Campus & Business College

Guide to becoming a successful woman

Natalie Rabson (left) is a marketing manager at Boston City Campus and Business College. We interviewed her on becoming a success especially as a woman, considering the fact that it is Women’s month. We know that you, as a reader, are aspirational and understandthat you are empowered to control your own destiny.We want to motivate the reader to improve his/herlife and to become the very best version of yourself – to reach your full potential and eventually be successful.
What is success? “Success is setting your goals and reaching them”, Natalie says. “When you set goals out of the range of your normal daily behaviour and you reach your goals, then that’s success.” So in other words, in order to attain success you need to get out of your comfort zone, which includes doing things that you don’t regularly do on a daily basis and challenge yourself to reach your goals. You can start small by planning out your daily or weekly goals in the morning. Ensure that they’re not anything too far out of reach, challenge yourself to reach these goals so that you get yourself used to achieve success. You’re more than welcome to reward yourself afterwards.
There are different attributes you will need to have in order to reach success. “An attribute you would need especially in a business corporate is confidence”, Natalie said. “ I love being around all kinds of people, both old and young, I love helping people and seeing other people’s success”, she added. Having confidence in yourself is one of the major keys to success and reaching your goals. You will have to believe in yourself and see yourself reaching that goal beforehand. If you don’t believe in yourself then how will you expect other people to believe in you?
In addition, being selfless will help you a lot especially in terms of connections, you may never know when you would need someone’s help in future.
One of the things that keeps Natalie going everyday is seeing the growth in other people day by day, year by year. “I don’t think there’s a better job satisfaction than watching people grow and believe in themselves” she said.So don’t be disappointed when things don’t really go your way at times. You can actually use other people’s success stories as your motivation and try to take up as much advice as possible.
Natalie Rabson is in the position she is in today because of her desire to get the job done. She said,“Even if it means staying up late or staying after hours, it’s about getting the job done no matter what!” Again, do not give up on your goals no matter how rough things look for you.You should go for it, whether it ends good or bad, it’s still an experience.
“You’ve got to set yourself goals but not limit in your head and say that “I’m a woman so therefore I can’t get to that spot’’, don’t set your goals lower because you’re a woman. Set your goals right at the top where you want to be.” This is a piece of advice that she provided for younger women.
“Unfortunately because you’re a woman you going to have to work harder and be bolder. You’re entitledto earn as much as a man, you have to put yourself forward and say ‘‘That’s how much this job pays and I want to earn that amount of money.” You have to speak up for yourself and fight for what you want.,Be nice to everybody. Both above, below you and next to you.”

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