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Music is currently one of the biggest industry worldwide with South Africa being the top destination to some of the world’s biggest DJs and musicians. The industry has a variety of offerings. With some of the world’s biggest festivals annually collaborating with South Africa you’d swear that South Africa is the next Ibiza” says Clive Mofokeng, DJ Head Lecturer and Training Advisor for Music Business (Boston City Campus &Business College, City Centre).
Clive, AKA Clive Bean , says that he chose a career (in the music industry) because of the passion he has for music. “I have been a professional DJ since 1996 and my vocation is teaching the trade of DJing.”
Clive holds a degree in Extraction Metallurgy (Engineering – nonferrous) but has opted on a more rewarding venture in music though he holds no formal qualification (under music). “I am a self-taught!” he says.
Despite his success and being self -taught, Mofokeng is a strong ambassador for further education. “ Most definitely, as that cements a greater understanding of the field of music and more, so we need knowledgeable individuals if we are to have a successful music industry”.
Clive says that his job is 8am – 5pm daily. He conducts classes, both practical as well as DJ Music and Theory.
He facilitates for the DJ courses, sets assesses and moderates exams, facilitates workshops and is a training advisor for the music business course.
His spare time sees him reading novels (&short stories), reading engineering thesis books, taking his kids out to play, watching documentary films based on music (and socio-politics) and searching for new music both locally and internationally.
“What I Iove most about my job is sharing the passion of music and being able to make youngsters realise that there is a future in the music industry, “ says Clive.
“I have had such exciting opportunities that I would not have had in engineering! Working for a theatre company as a Sound Design technician (2012) in Ashland, state of Oregon (USA) – Oregon Shakespeare Festival were absolute career highlights for me”. In order for someone to be successful in the music industry, he says that a passion for music is so very important.
Over and above that, they will also need to master the digital and analogue differences and skills in music and the technology. While training is as important as experience to be successful in the industry, it is also vital to have the training and skill in order to secure employment in the first place!
Clive says the major challenge he faces was his parents “discontentment on me not pursuing a lucrative career in the Metallurgical Eng.
Field(s) for a not so stable career and vocation in the music industry”. However so far he has followed his passion and has made it work for him and his family.
His current career goals are to be part of the people that is responsible and instrumental in forging a stable music business industry that sustains its own.
On gender bias in the industry? “Patriarch is in all industries and the music industry is not exception however, the winds of change are upon us as we try filter in more women in our respectable fields of the music industry.”
You can speak to Clive Mofokeng AKA Clive Bean at Boston City Campus & Business College, Johannesburg.

Call 011 331 2455.
For more on the Soul Candi courses
available, call 011 551 2000.

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