RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL. 29 JULY 2016. Soccer player Amanda Dlamini during the flag raising ceremony of Team SA in the International Zone of the Athletes Village of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games this afternoon. Copyright picture by WESSEL OOSTHUIZEN / SASPA

Ex-Banyana captain calls for programmes to support female players

Sports Reporter

At the Nedbank Finance in Football Summit last week ex-Banyana Banyana captain Amanda Dlamini said women footballers must think of occupations in football when their playing time ends.

  Dlamini, who is a SuperSport analyst, said women have more to offer after their playing time, such as in club and national administration roles.

  “Programmes should be set up to empower women footballers towards high-profile future roles. I don’t think female footballers are exposed to many programmes, and once we start exposing such programmes to them they will know that they are not just limited to being referees and coaches. We want to be analysts, technical directors; there is just so much we can do in football. I think the message should be that they are not confined to a certain career. People should open their doors and invest in women’s football,” Dlamini said.

  She added that education plays a big part in soccer players’ lives when thinking of an occupation post-playing, especially for women’s footballers, who earn far less than men do.

“It is important to have a solid background. A professional on and off-field image can help women players maximise their income during and after their playing careers. I think a lot of work goes in while you are still active, how you present yourself in terms of things you do in your spare time. I may not make the same amount of money as my male counterparts, but maybe as time goes on I will get certain endorsements from people who trust me to represent their brand. That is how it happened with me,” she said.

  In 2012 Dlamini founded the Amanda Dlamini Girls Foundation, to provide basic help to girls in rural areas, which is endorsed by many large corporates.

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