EMS on high alert as cold, rainy weather hits Johannesburg

The City of Johannesburg Emergency Services has dispatched Disaster Management Monitoring teams across the city to facilitate evacuations procedures whenever there is a need due to severe cold and wet weather conditions around Johannesburg.

The city’s Emergency Services spokesperson Robert Mulaudzi said they would be on high alert as the weather may result in unfavourable conditions.

The South African Weather Service announced that most parts of Gauteng Province will receive a significant drop in temperatures with wet conditions due to the cold front.

“The City of Johannesburg Emergency Management Services will remain on high alert to make sure that we respond to any emergency which might occur, the main focus will be all our 189 informal settlements throughout the city since they are the most vulnerable to fire incidents when we have Cold and Wet Weather conditions like this.

“Disaster Management Monitoring teams have been dispatched to all Seven regions of the City to monitor any eventuality which might occur and also to facilitate any evacuations procedures whenever there is a need to do so since there is a possibility of localised flooding, especially in our low lying areas,” he said.

Mulaudzi has urged the public not to leave heating devices unattended while in use to avoid fire incidents.

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