Dialogue sought over immigrants

Mayor Mashaba, recently sought to engage Minister of Labour, Hon. Mildred Oliphant, and Minister of Home Affairs, Hon. Malusi Gigaba, on the need for an urgent meeting to discuss the number of businesses in Johannesburg employing undocumented immigrants.
This followed repeated concerns raised with the Mayor during a visit to the Slovo Park community on Tuesday, 10 July 2018.
During the visit to the community, residents complained of how a neighbouring factories were employing undocumented immigrants in contravention of the law.
By employing undocumented immigrants, these business owners said to be flouting immigration and labour laws and acting against the interests of unemployed Johannesburg residents.
These businesses also serve to exploit undocumented immigrants, unable to exercise labour rights of their own.
This situation continues to stem from the failures of National Government to guard our borders and address the crisis of illegal immigration in our Country. Johannesburg remains at the epicenter​ of situation, as many foreign migrants come looking for work.
While the onus is on employers to abide by the law, national government have the responsibility to enforce the law and ensure that those businesses who choose to ignore the law face the consequences.
Government intervention is also crucial to preventing the exploitation of undocumented immigrants who, by virtue of their status, can sometimes be forced to work under unsafe conditions.
Mayor Mashaba had this to say regarding the community’s complaints, “Our residents must know that we take their concerns seriously and are actively addressing them. By doing so, we open up spaces for healthy dialogue in communities and correct unlawful conduct from unscrupulous business owners.”

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