Desperate man tries to secure job with fake ID

A suspected foreign national was caught on Monday at the City of Johannesburg’s Department of Public Safety’s Headquarters in Martindale allegedly trying to secure a position as an in-sourced security guard using a fraudulent South African Identity Document.

The city has been embarking on what it has decscribed as a monumental project to in-source 4‚000 security guards who were previously outsourced to various security service providers.

MMC for public safety Michael Sun said the alleged fraudster was suspected to be a foreign national pretending to be a beneficiary of the project.
“After investigation by the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD)‚ officers assisting with the project arrested the suspect and took him to the Sophiatown SAPS for further prosecutions‚” Sun said.

He added: “We have been carefully monitoring the people arriving for the insourced security positions and there have been several attempts by unscrupulous individuals trying to cheat the system in order to secure positions.

“We will not tolerate such behaviour and the arrest of this fraudster is a stern warning to those trying to defraud the City and rob the rightful beneficiaries of their opportunities.”
Sun said applicants would have to go through a two stage check system before presenting themselves at the interview desk which would eliminate the chances of fraud and impersonation.

“The City is nearing the completion of the first stage of insourcing of 1‚600 security guards and the insourced security guards have already commenced with their work.
“We will continue with the process and ensure this project is a success for the benefit of the residents of Johannesburg.”

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