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Dept extends illegal firearms amnesty

Own Correspondent

The Department of Police has extended the illegal firearms amnesty period to May 2020. In a statement the department said the firearms amnesty period is an opportunity for gun owners to surrender unwanted or unlawfully owned firearms.

  Department of Police spokesperson Lirandzu Themba said people in possession of such weapons should apply for the amnesty at their local police stations and hand in the firearms there.

 “The minister of police is sure this amnesty period will and must result in the reduction of firearms being in the wrong hands,” she said.

  She added that all weapons are sent for ballistic testing when they are handed in. However, there are 46 police stations that may not be able to process such applications.

  “If one of the 46 stations is nearest to your home, those who wish to surrender their unwanted or illegally possessed firearms can do so at neighbouring police stations,” Themba said.

  On Monday the Gun Owners South Africa said more efficient ways needed to be implemented to rid communities of illegal firearms. The firearms rights and advocacy group’s response comes after the police ministry’s announcement that the firearms amnesty period, which started this month, is on track.

  Gun Owners South Africa’s Tim Flack said: “The gangsters in Cape Town are not going to hand those guns in. It’s ridiculous that the minister even thinks that.”

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