South Africa

Cyclists fill the roads in the Discovery 947 ride

Johannesburg – On Sunday thousands of cyclists filled the roads in the Discovery 947 race, which started from the Riversands commercial club.

  The race is the world’s second largest, and that was its 23rd edition. There were several road closures, but there were alternative routes open for motorists.

  The women’s defending champion Clara Obelhozler was the first to reach the finish line, while Mark Pritzen finished first in the men’s race.

  Oberholzer said: “I am very happy taking a win for the team. We had some super team work out there.”

  Pritzen said he was excited. “It was a really good race, everything worked out the way we’d hoped. It is a very unpredictable race at the end of the day, so we are absolutely ecstatic how it worked out for us,” he said.

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