Crooks sell Covid-19 survivors’ blood

Own Correspondent

Internet streaming network provider Atlas VPN research reveals that cybercriminals are selling the blood of corona virus survivors and other fake cures for up to $16 000.00, about R294 000.

  Information about how cybercriminals are exploiting the pandemic is already widespread all over the media. However, a team of researchers was just able to find that they are taking it a step further.

  Criminals are selling the blood of a recovered patient on the dark web, claiming it as a “passive vaccination”, according to New York Post. Supposedly, the blood plasma of a recovered Covid-19 patient can be harvested for the antibodies and injected into a Covid-19 patient, researchers explain.

  Criminals are also selling the saliva of coronavirus survivors, and also even anti-malaria drugs.

  Atlas VPN chief operating officer Rachel Welch says researchers did the price comparison between illegal or even criminal services offered on the dark web and Covid-19 passive vaccines.

  “The fake coronavirus cures market on the dark web should be growing steadily within the next two years. It is highly likely that once scientists find the cure, it will not be widely available for everyone, which is when the dark net market is predicted to peak. Health organisations and governments need to focus on education once the vaccine is out, and encourage people to rely only on trustworthy information sources,” she said.

  Atlas VPN said the research was conducted solely for educational purposes, and it does not promote any of the items or services mentioned.

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