Company uplifts women in business

Johannesburg – Protective clothing manufacturer, Pello Yabasadi recently received a boost from a leading construction materials producer, AfriSam, when it ordered thousands of facemasks for its workforce. 

  The 5 000 face masks order provided relief for the small manufacturer that was facing despair due to the lockdown, and slowing of business activity.

  Pello Yabasadi owner Tumi Phooko said: “When I received the order I was a bit overwhelmed because we had never received an order of such a large quantity of products.”

  Pello Yabasadi Enterprise produces quality corporate clothing, uniforms, protective gear, safety shoes and now face masks, and has been in operation for five years. 

  Phooko received business development training and mentorship from AfriSam’s Business Development Centre and graduated in 2018. AfriSam also assisted the business to acquire a permit to operate during the lockdown period; and also provided capital as part of its Supplier Development Programme to purchase some material which could also be used to supply masks to other customers.

  In 2019 AfriSam bought an embroidery machine for Pello Yabasadi on an interest free loan.

  “The machine enables us to do more beautifully branded products, quicker, something we were not able to do before. This is certainly a game changer for us, and we are grateful for it,” Phooko said.

  AfriSam procurement manager, Zunaid Rasdien said the Pello Yabasadi project was part of the company’s efforts to fight the Covid-19 pandemic through provision of health protocol compliant products.

 “Samples of her products were tested and passed our safety quality control measures, enabling us to trust her masks to protect our workforce.” Rasdien added.

  In South Africa, women have been disadvantaged, marginalized and still find it difficult to secure tenders, contracts, good jobs or earn the same wages as their male counterparts. Unemployment remains high and the gap between the employment of men and women is high.

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