‘Commuter assaulted at Noord’ taxi rank

A 53-year old taxi driver allegedly stabbed a 22-year old male once in the upper body at
Noord taxi rank after a heated argument.

A 53-year old taxi driver was to appear at the Johannesburg Magistrate Court on Wednesday for murder after allegedly stabbing a commuter.
The driver allegedly stabbed a 22-year old male once in the upper body at MTN Taxi rank on Monday after a heated argument.
Police spokesperson Captain Xoli Mbele said this happened in full view of passengers.
“It is alleged that taxi driver and the deceased had an argument after a taxi driver requested him to go to the back seat and give his seat to a woman carrying a baby. They went out of the taxi and fought. The taxi driver stabbed him and paramedics certified him dead on the scene,” he said.
Mbele said the incident happened around 6pm. He said police were called but when they arrived at the scene, the suspect had already left.
“We were assisted by the marshals in the taxi rank. The suspect took the taxi and left with the passengers. He left as if nothing happened. The marshals and members from the taxi association followed the taxi and the suspect was found in Zone 6, Diepkloof. He was brought to the police station,” he said.
Mbele raised concerns over taxi drivers carrying knives. He said taxi drivers should be protectors of the passengers.
“He took the knife out of his pocket. This means passengers are not safe. Members of the community put their trust in taxi drivers. Such is unacceptable,” he said.
The knife used to stab the passenger was recovered from the suspect.
An investigation into the murder case continues.

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