Community welcomes moral regeneration drive

Johannesburg – The City of Joburg’s efforts to establish its own Moral Regeneration Movement (MRM) structure has been welcomed by activists, NGOs, academics and social formations, the City said in a statement.

The MRM was set up nationally in 2002 as a partnership between the government, civil society and business; to facilitate collective activism against moral decay or anti-social behaviour in society.

Participants at the recent virtual MRM consultative workshop agreed that Johannesburg was best placed to lead the moral revival.

MRM programme manager Neo Chaka said the increase in corruption, widening inequalities and broken families have necessitated the need to rebuild the morals than ever before.

“We need to look at the quality of our leadership. We’ve reached a point whereby institutions which used to be credible, but because of their leaders their ethics and credibility is questioned. We need to deal decisively with crime and corruption. Today, we are also dealing with the culture of materialism that is rampant in our communities,” Chaka said.

Chaka added that stakeholders need to push harder to raise issues such as eradication of poverty and inequality.

“This is because it is harder to convince someone who is hungry about the ethics and good morals,” said Chaka.

Chaka explained that the MRM focuses on building and strengthening the family, developing and nurturing ethical leadership, combating crime and corruption, values education, riches and poverty, positive images in the media, gender transformation, focusing on youth and religion, among others.

City of Joburg Speaker of Council Nonceba Molwele urged stakeholders to drive the proposed interim Joburg MRM structure.

“The MRM in Joburg was resuscitated in July this year. This is a consultative workshop with stakeholders, therefore the input of stakeholders is most welcome. It is our collective rededication to the revival of the spirit of ubuntu, the ideals of the Constitution and our common values. We want all seven regions of the City being represented in the structure,” Molwele said.

Princess Nikiwe Bam from Afrikan Young Indigenous Leaders said her organisation supports the intentions to form the Joburg MRM structure.

“We would like to be a partner with MRM as well, since moral regeneration is key to restoring respect, humanity, indigenous knowledge and leaders also play a significant role,” Bam said.

Councillor Nonhlanhla Sifumba said all the efforts of moral regeneration should be focused on the family, because this is the foundation of society, with education playing a huge role.

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