COJ sports offers boxing and kickboxing at recreation centres

Fists flew, a few noses were bloodied and several ribs were bruised during a recent amateur boxing and kickboxing tournament in the City of Joburg.
The tournament was held in collaboration with the City of Joburg’s Community Development Department, Shorne Moorcroft Boxing Club and the Johannesburg Boxing Union at the Danie van Zyl Recreation Centre at the weekend.
Boxers came as far as Boksburg and Pretoria to join their Claremont, Westbury and Newlands counterparts to compete for 13 tier belts. There were nail-biting moments as the nervous boxers went through weighing and fitness-testing processes before the fights.
Fight fans got their money’s worth. The thud of boxing gloves reaching their targets reverberated throughout the hall amid screams of encouragement from all corners.
The pugilists parried blows, bobbed and weaved and tried to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.
When concentration was lost, it was followed by shots to an opponent’s head, chest and stomach.
As much as boxers were punching and or kicking each other, when the final whistle was blown, opponents shook hands and smiled, which was a demonstration of a true sportsmanship.
The youngest kickboxer was seven-year-old girl from the Newville Boxing Club coached by Shorne Moorcroft, who has numerous accolades in kickboxing including international refereeing and judging. He believes in grooming boxers and keeping the club together.
“There were minor glitches here and there, but above all the tournaments went well,” said Moorcroft.
“Forging relationships with clubs is important and it is great to see the centre hosting sport tournaments,” concluded Stella Manamela, the City’s Facilities Manager.
If you need more information about boxing and kickboxing offered at CoJ Sport and Recreation centres, please call 011 402 0097 during working hours.

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