CityKidz learners celebrate Mandela Day

CityKidz learners and parents commemorated Mandela Day in style again showing their unbelievable, generous and compassionate collective spirit.
“We were overwhelmed with the positive response to our request for donations to Woodrock Animal Sanctuary and Kitty and Puppy Haven,” said City Kidz principal, Sharon Reynolds.
Kitty and Puppy Haven who provide animals with love and place them in loving homes, have sadly lost their home to a devastating fire recently.
Absolutely everything was destroyed. Luckily the animals were saved, but they are in desperate need of food, blankets and bedding.
Woodrock believes that each animal deserves a loving, stable “forever home”. Woodrock Animal Rescue provide assistance to unfortunate, homeless, abused, neglected, stray and unwanted animals that would otherwise have miserable lives and premature deaths. The rescue centre provides food, necessary medical care and preventative medicine.
CityKidz learners and parents put up an effort to raise the following items;
Dog treats like beanos, dentastix, liver bread
Puppy and kitty toys
Tins of sardines for cats
Fowl mix
Dog collars (new or second hand)
Cat scratch pads
Automatic machine washing powder
Dish washing liquid
Brooms/mops/cleaning rags
Methylated spirits
Rubber gloves for workers when cleaning
Toilet rolls
Big black dustbins
Big black bin bags
Large buckets
Large water bowls.
“Thanks to Woodrock for visiting our school and bringing home the important message as we celebrated Mandela Day of caring for animals. The children enjoyed the educational presentation and getting to touch dogs and puppies,” she concluded.

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