City officials encourage Covid – 19 lockdown compliance

Johannesburg – Mayor Geoff Makhubo and City officials recently visited various areas of the city, including the Denver, George Goch and Jeppe hostels to encourage enforcement of public health orders in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the visit the officials found a need to intensify awareness of the 21-day lockdown and to enforce laws related to the sale of liquor.

Makhubo said at the hostels they found residents converged in groups of more than 100 with complete disregard of social distancing.

The amended regulations of the State of Disaster state that transportation and sale of liquor is strictly prohibited, and spaza shops and supermarkets are only allowed to trade in essential goods.

Makhubo said the City, working with its entities and stakeholders, will increase compliance measures in densely populated areas to prevent contravention of the Disaster Management Act, which governs the 21-day lockdown.

“The City will continue to provide waste removal, water and sanitation services, and escalate efforts to create awareness of the dangers of the coronavirus,” he said.

Last week the City went on a drive to clean and sanitise major taxi ranks and bus stops in the Johannesburg CBD, in an effort to protect commuters from the pandemic.

The municipality has also availed healthcare facilities to screen patients for Covid-19 in case of a wider outbreak and is inspecting buildings to be used as quarantine centres.

“The City, working with provincial and national government, will continue to enforce compliance, engage communities where there is non-compliance and assist our people to be safe and protected,” Makhubo said.

Residents can contact the City’s 24-hour Joint Operations Disaster Management Centre (JODMC) on 010 224 0934 with any emergencies or to locate clinics made available for Covid-19 screening. People who want to donate hand sanitizers, masks and soups can also contact the centre.

The municipality is also working with the Gauteng Department of Social Development to ensure homeless people are housed, fed and secured during the 21-day lockdown.

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