City in door-to-door Covid-19 drive

Bellavista  – The City of Joburg’s Region F environmental health practitioners recently engaged in a door-to-door Covid-19 awareness campaign in Ward 55 of Bellavista.

  City of Joburg environmental health practitioner Fahaadh Hassani said the campaign was to educate residents on Covid-19, and encourage community members to practice good personal hygiene.

  “Community members are scared to take pamphlets, and to engage in screening. They were saying we are bringing the coronavirus to them, and some had their doors locked. Those who opened their houses to the officials showed their appreciation. More education needs to be conducted so that people do not stigmatise those who have tested positive for the virus,” Hassani said. 

  Ward Councillor Rashieda Landis welcomed the health practitioners, the Red Cross South Africa, primary health care staff and community health workers who supported this initiative.

  Stakeholders were divided into six groups. Each group was given a block of flats to conduct health education on personal hygiene, washing of hands and practicing social distance.

  Hassani said 301 residents were screened, and those who showed signs and symptoms were referred to designated facilities to test for Covid-19. 

   The City’s Manager for Environmental Health, Paballo Sekokotla expressed gratitude to Landis for her support. He also thanked staff members, stakeholders, and especially those who donated soap, sanitisers and food parcels; Spar Bassonia, Maggie’s Spar, Pick n Pay Panorama, Pick n Pay Mall of the South, Checkers, Mochachos Glenvista, Denver plus, Tayo Cash’ n Carry and Whitey Chemicals.

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