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City in anti-drugs drive

Johannesburg – The City of Joburg plans to roll out more anti-drug campaigns throughout its seven regions.

  This follows two campaigns launched in Roodepoort and Kliptown by members of Public Safety’s Communication, Disaster Management and Strategic Support units.

  Over the weekend of 16 and 17 November  officials set up shop at the Kliptown informal settlement and Kliptown Square to deliver the message of the dangers of drugs and how to quit the bad habits. 

  Public Safety’s Nomasonto Manyehlisa said the campaign is to educate the community about the danger of the Aldicarb/Temik/Two Step, which is known as Galephirimi. “Aldicarb is a poison used to kill rats and it leads to death. People die if they eat it by mistake. Many people use the poison to commit suicide, murder and poison guard dogs to commit crime. If you touch or eat an animal killed by the poison you will die.  So, we urge the people not to use the substance as it is illegal and it is a criminal offence to sell, buy, possess it or use for any purpose, or hand it over to anyone,” said Manyehlisa.

  She added that if anyone is found in possession of Aldicarb, they can be fined or sent to jail.

  Residents can call Central Environmental Health on 011 407 6545, Emergency Management Services 011 375 10177 or 112 or JMPD on 011 375 5911 in cases of poisoning.

  Residents are also urged to use the tip – offs anonymous line 080 000 2587/SMS 32840 to help stop illegal drug activity.

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