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City conducts joint operation in Yeoville

The City of Johannesburg’s Region F led a joint operation to tackle socio-economic issues currently affecting residents and business owners in Yeoville.

This follows vigorous assessments conducted by the Region’s multi-disciplinary team, which highlighted traffic management, by-law enforcement and crime related issues as key contributing factors to the current state of misconduct in Yeoville and neighboring suburbs.

The objective of the joint operation focused on strict adherence and compliance of the City’s by-law’s, which include illegal parking, vehicle repairs, car washing, depleted buildings, displaced persons and illegal dumping. The region identified priority precincts including Raleigh Street, Grafton Street, Hunter Street and Becker Street that have become riddled with a number of challenges including health hazard issues. The operation further discovered water meters that have been tampered with by shop owners and illegal electricity connections which resulted in immediate terminations of services by Johannesburg Water and City Power.

Member of the Mayoral Committee for Development Planning and Regional Head for Region F, Cllr Funzela Ngobeni, praised the multi-disciplinary team for conducting the joint operation and identifying issues affecting residents and business owners in an effort to improve living conditions and apply conducive working conditions. The Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) and the Department of Community Safety were present to oversee that appropriate compliance and enforcement of security was undertaken during the operation. Another focus area included a thorough assessment of emergency signage, electricity, fire equipment and cleanliness undertaken by the Emergency Medical Service (EMS), whilst the Building Management Department (BDM) conducted a series of compliance inspections in different buildings. The joint operation yielded positive results, which saw displaced persons taken to shelters for screening and assessments in a bid to provide them with the necessary assistance. Members of the community are urged to get involved in restoring Yeoville by reporting any illegal and unusual activities to the Region.

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