Circus group presents heritage show

Mashudu Muthakhi

An extraordinary artistic collaboration between Zip Zap Circus and the Johannesburg Youth Orchestra will be performed for the first time at the Joburg Theatre in September, as part of Heritage Month.

  The show, called Journey Beyond – a Symphonic Circus,

artfully blends mesmerising choreographed circus acts with orchestral masterpieces, amplified by soloist Zolani Mahola from Freshlyground.

  Today, Zip Zap performs at 65 shows nationally every year, have undertaken 30 world tours, gained local and global recognition and impact 2000 youth each year through their free social programmes.

  Many of the Zip Zap students have joined the world stage as professional performers in the industry.

  The Johannesburg Youth Orchestra is a full symphonic orchestra comprised entirely of children playing stringed, wind and percussion instruments.

  Established in 1976, they are acclaimed throughout the city and further afield, providing training and performance opportunities for over 600 young people. Several young musicians who graduated from this project now work with the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra.

  These are ordinary children who, through sheer determination and hours of hard work, have cultivated their enormous talent. This show is a celebration of the heritage of all South Africans.

  Audiences can anticipate a mesmerising musical and visual journey that pushes boundaries and reaches a crescendo of classical entertainment. A talented group of circus dare-devils will jump, fly and soar effortlessly through the air in gravity-defying aerials and extraordinary acrobatics.

  The captivating beauty of these daring acts will be performed in concert with stirring symphonic performances and the hypnotic voices of Mahola and Zita Pretorius.

  “This is an authentic celebration of our country’s talented youth and cultural diversity. These are ordinary kids accomplishing extraordinary feats. Witnessing this world-class talent on one stage will reinforce your pride in being South African,” says Brent van Rensburg, Zip Zap co-founder and director.

  Visit the Joburg Theatre website for more information on the event.

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