Celebrating the selfless service of firefighters

International Firefighters’ Day takes place on the 4th of May, 2018. It was instituted after proposal emailed out across the world on January 4, 1999 due to the deaths of five firefighters in tragic circumstances in a wildfire in Australia.
“This month of May we dedicate it to all the City of Johannesburg EMS Fire Fighters for their extra-ordinary Commitment, exceptional courage, selfless service in providing effective and professional emergency services to all the residents of the City of Johannesburg under very difficult conditions at all times, keep up the good work salute,”  said Robert Mulaudzi, Spokesperson at City of Johannesburg Emergency Services.
One of the most significant symbols of International Fire Fighters Day is the red and blue ribbon. This ribbon is cut precisely five centimeters long and one centimeter wide, with the two separate colors conjoined at the top. JJ Edmonson chose red and blue because the red stood for the element of fire whereas the blue would represent the element of water. Coincidently, red and blue are also the colors recognized world-wide to signify emergency services; therefore, red and blue being the best choice of color to recognize an international holiday.
Fire prevention and the need for more intensive and thorough training is one of the main aspects of International Fire Fighters Day. Fire fighters and their agencies around the world are constantly stressing fire prevention: in schools, to the community, at public events, at assemblies and even to their own families.
City of Johannesburg EMS Public Education Head Mr Synock Matobako will host over 500 School Learners from all City of Joburg Seven regions who participated in the Schools Emergency Response Teams Training 2018 in Soweto, on the 8th of May 2018 at Orlando Communal Hall.
The safest way to keep fire fighters alive and home to their families is training.  #CreatingSaferCommunities

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