Careers in finance 2018

The language of money is very precise. As Boston headlines will tell you,” If it doesn’t make rands it doesn’t make cents!”. Money speaks in numbers and figures. Its language is mathematics. Learning to speak the language of money will open many doors for you, so consider a career in bookkeeping, accounting or finance.

“The accounting and financing field offers wonderful prospects for those who are financially inclined,” says Kerry Damons of Boston City Campus & Business College. The college offers several top-notch, accredited qualifications in the finance and accounting fields, ranging from short learning programmes to bookkeeping ( highly in demand in the workforce), financial diplomas and a degree.
A World Bank report, released recently highlighted that South Africa has performed highly positively in terms of International Financial Reporting Standards, as well as International Standards of Reporting. In a country beset by allegations of corruption, this was a truly pleasing outcome. South Africa had taken note of all the 2003 recommendations, and made appropriate incorporations and changes to local accounting standards and practices.

While we still have scarce skills in the accounting industry, the numbers of newly qualified Chartered Accountants are up. Damons highlights that this is an industry where “ courses and qualifications are like building blocks, providing you with skills as you progress in each year of studies, and potential for employment as you complete each level”. So for those interested in creating a new career for themselves, whether you are completing matric or you have been working for a number of years, this is a growing industry that still relies on skilled manpower, and one worth making a commitment towards. Bookkeepers in South Africa earn an average of approximately R140 000 annually, while Chartered accountants make up for over 35% of the CEO’s in the top 200 companies.

There is more than one way of entering the financial field. Those who are eager to join the workforce with a qualification, and not ready to commit to a degree programme, can look at other highly regarded qualifications that enable you to enter the financial field. Boston offers a range of financial qualifications accredited by institutes and professional bodies such as the ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers), FMI (Financial Management Institute of Southern Africa) and ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).

These professional qualifications open career options such as: bookkeeper and assistant bookkeeper; credit controller; administrative assistant; certified financial accountant; debt recovery agent; and more. “There is one thing I can say about the Financial Management Diploma offered at Boston,” says Damons. “While it is a three year commitment to fulltime studies, these graduates get good jobs!”
Boston’s BCom in Management Marketing degree equips students for career opportunities and advancement in the fields of business, management and marketing, focusing on digital marketing, social media and brand management – all buzzwords in the workplace today.

The degree makes provision for the latest marketing trends.
The choice of exactly where to start your studies can be quite overwhelming. A personal assessment and consultation with a career counsellor at Boston can help sift through the options and finalise your career choice.
The Fasset (Finance and accounting seta) reporting in scarce and critical skills indicate that careers in finance and accounting are a good choice, in terms of job availability.
Where the jobs are: According to the Fasset Sector Skills Plan 2013-2018, employers in the Fasset sector showed a need for more employees in the following occupations:
• Trainee accountant
• External auditor
• Enquiry clerk
• Accountant general
• Financial investment advisor
• Management consultant Bookkeeper

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