Campaign to get small businesses create jobs

Johannesburg – A partnership has launched a year-long initiative to get small businesses working and creating jobs.  

  The partnership is composed of ProfitShare Partners, community radio station Hot 91.9FM, and the Getlion mobile app.

   The mobile app is designed to support SMEs in managing and growing their businesses, and ProfitShare Partners, the disruptive Fintech provider, will invest R100 million to support SMEs to deliver on their contracts this year. A R1 million prize will be given to the business that creates the most jobs during the campaign period from 1 June 2020 to 31 May 2021.

  The Get South Africa Working campaign is an initiative introduced by ProfitShare Partners’ founder and CEO, Andrew Maren, to help small and medium sized businesses create jobs and keep them going.

  Maren said this is to help boost the economy by accelerating SME business growth and development. 

  “With our high unemployment rate and the steep rise in job losses over the past few months, we encourage entrepreneurship and assist small business owners in need of capital to start or get going. Unfortunately, many of these businesses do not have the financials, security or track record and are turned away by the banks. How do you develop this track record or get a set of financials if you cannot access capital? Our model is to provide this capital to get them going, so they can get a track record, cash in the bank, and ultimately financials so that they can graduate to getting capital from traditional funders such as banks,” Maren said.

  From 1 June 2020, the Get South Africa Working initiative will provide up to R10 million to SMEs per month, to grow by partnering with them on their contracts or valid purchase orders they have, or are trying to get with large corporates and certain government departments.

  “The net jobs referred to are permanent jobs created by the entrepreneur or small business until the end of May 2021. All information supplied will be audited and verified using our technology and reporting processes, because our aim is to assist our country in alleviating poverty by helping to create jobs and mobilise the development of SMEs,” Maren added.

  To enter, SMEs and entrepreneurs must download the ‘getlion’ mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices, to track their business performance and apply for capital support via the ProfitShare Partners website. Details are also available on the Get SA Working website.

  Co-founder of Getlion Mathew Marsden said the app is a purpose-built platform of services, tools and resources from various industry-leading companies, to help small businesses grow.

  “Through the app, business owners will be able to access the tools to make running business easier, from accounting to online sales. As the virtual partner of the Get SA,” Marsden said.

  In the final month of this initiative, ProfitShare Partners will give R1million cash prize to the small business that would have created the most net jobs in the period.

   Community radio station, Hot 91.9FM will run the news and announcements for the campaign.

  Hot 91.9FM managing director Lloyd Madurai said: “We are passionate about development and survival of small businesses, which is why we are a proud partner in this campaign.”

  Together with Hot 91.9FM, ProfitShare Partners will give away R10 000 in vouchers every month to help existing and would-be business owners and SMEs to start up or keep going. 

  To enter, download the getlion mobile app, send what your business would do with R10 000 to the Hot 91.9 FM WhatsApp line 084  221 2 919 and listen to Hot 91.9FM for more.

  For more information visit

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