Bus ‘hijacked’ in CBD

Johannesburg – As a strike by Metrobus workers got underway on Monday a driver about to transport passengers was forced out of a bus at Gandhi Square in the CBD.

  Metrobus spokesperson Goodwill Shiburi confirmed the hijacking incident.

“A driver was intimidated and forced out of the bus, which was taken away from him. The bus was later recovered.”

  Shiburi said the majority of the bus services had been affected by the strike.

  “Services have not been officially suspended, but due to growing fears and intimidation, workers are reluctant to come out of their offices and work. It is tricky, because the employer cannot guarantee the safety of the workers or passengers. We will soon issue a statement,” added Shiburi.

  The Democratic Municipal and Allied Workers’ Union of South Africa (Demawusa) confirmed that staff, including drivers and mechanics, would embark on a strike in support of demands that they be paid according to their experience.

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