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Burned body found hanging from pylon

Brakpan Ekurhuleni authorities recently recovered the charred body of a man hanging from a high-voltage electricity pylon in Withok.

 Ekurhuleni Emergency Management Services (EMS) said the body was hanging head down on an 88-kilovolt electrical cable, about 25 metres off the ground.

 “Rescue teams responded to the call in Lucas SteynRoad, where they found the gruesome scene. A hacksaw and screwdriver were found on the ground directly beneath the body,” EMS said.

 EMS spokesperson Williams Ntladi said the man was tampering with the cables, and attempted to cut them to steal the copper inside, when he was killed.

 “A specialised hydraulic platform was used to lift the rescuers to reach the body. Before authorities could attempt to retrieve the body, a safety signal had to be given to isolate the power supply from the power lines.

 EMS said the scene was handed over to police for investigations.

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