Boston invests in South Africa’s future

Grit, defined as the combination of passion and perseverance for a singularly important goal is the hallmark of high achievers. This is according to psychologist Angela Duckworth who has done in-depth studies on what makes people successful.
Dr Rob Stegmann is Senior Academic in the Department of Academic Planning and Development at Boston City Campus & Business College situated in Stellenbosch, the Academic Head Office. According to Stegmann, “At Boston, we have witnessed students who have thatgrit and overcome obstacles and push through to graduate. However, there are those students that have all the ingredients for success but are precluded from achieving a higher education qualificationdue to lackof financial support”.
Stegmann maintains that education is too important for the growth and development of individuals and South Africa to be hindered by financial restraints. So the team at Boston set about to create a solution that would assist all students. “We believe that gritty prospective students thatare committed to making a go at life, by applying to Boston, deserve to be given an opportunity to succeed. We needed to find a way to make that happen,” he says.
So, in the spirit of Ubuntu—a person is a person through other people—Boston has committed to partnering financially with prospective students to facilitate growth and development both personally and for South Africa as a country. Stegmann explains how this will work practically. “This investment will mean that prospective students enrolling in one of the many Higher Certificates on offer at Boston will get a chance to pursue their dreams and take ownership of their futures. Boston will invest up to a third of the fees for a Higher Certificate and students will be required to contribute the remaining fees(with flexible payment options)”. He continues, “I believe that in this programme Boston stands out as absolutely unique amongst the Higher Education providers in South Africa”.
Stegmann’s passion for educating the youth shows. “South Africa’s future is too important not to make this investment. The rewards for students and society are incalculable. Research has shown that overcoming the obstacles that lack of finances pose for students pursuing higher educationmakes a significant impact on the psycho-social well-being of students and has a positive effect on the successful completion of one’s studies. In turn, the impact on the broader society is also noticeable; graduates who find employment not only make a contribution to the economy, but become billboards for the transformative power of education”.
Grit is important to get you started, but grit alone can’t get you over the finish line. At Boston, we believe that our investment in students with an NSC (Higher Certificate endorsement) applying for any of our Higher Certificates have the grit but just need some added financial assistance to reach their dreams and make an impact on South Africa.

About Boston:
Boston is a multi-award winning tertiary education institution that has been around for over twenty-five years and has acquired the reputation of not just educating students in their chosen career paths but educating them for life.
Boston offers many programmes and qualification options, including degrees, a postgraduate qualification, diplomas and higher certificates, occupational and short programmes, making sure there is a career option for almost every student.
Boston also offers personalised support to its extensive student body, through its network of over 45 support centres in South Africa or the option to study from home or work.
Boston’s holistic approach to education values the importance of “real world experience,” making life great for Boston students by opening up possibilities beyond their qualification, locally and abroad.
Upon completion of a Higher Certificate, graduates may seek entry for admission to an Advanced Certificate, Diploma or Bachelor’s degree. Flexible payment plans are available. Textbooks are included in the fees, and there is no application fee.

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