Boston gears up to train the next generation of African leaders

Definition of social science. 1: A branch of science that deals with the institutions and functioning of human society and with the interpersonal relationships of individuals as members of society. 2: A science (such as economics or political science) dealing with a particular phase or aspect of human society. (Merriam Webster)

  Almost four out of ten grads have a social science degree.  Social science grads are equipped with a unique skills set that includes a holistic mentality, an interest in the broader business environment and o wit impact son the micro corporation, as well as innovative thinking that well placed to understand what makes individuals and society tick .

  Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. What kind of graduate does South Africa need? Boston City Campus & Business College (Boston) is a leading provider of Business Management training in South Africa. They have risen to the challenge to further build South Africa with an exciting move into social science qualifications, with an innovative Bachelor of Social Science (BSocSci) that includes a range of Boston’s tried and tested business management subjects as electives.   These modules provide the following workplace skills:

  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Research analyse and critically evaluate data
  • Formulate argue and present logical debates
  • Awareness and understanding of cross cultures
  • High emotional intelligence.

Africa needs a new generation of graduates/leaders to enter the marketplace, break from past practices, and work for social good towards an increasingly prosperous Africa. Dr Patrick Awuah and Fred Swaniker are two leaders who have previously made the call for training the next generation of African leaders. Dr Awuah found that “what

[industry leaders]

urgently needed, and could not find, were trustworthy employees who could ‘think outside the box,’ who could handle complex, real-world problems, and who had strong leadership and communication skills.” This is exactly the type of outcome that Boston seeks to achieve with this new offering. Boston CEO, Ari Katz, agrees that “tomorrow’s leaders must be equipped with new-age competencies in order to have successful careers. This will ensure that graduates will be in demand by employers.”

What can be done with a social science degree? “The short answer is that you can do a lot,” according to Dr Linda Meyer, Dean of Institutional Advancement. “Your social science degree prepares you for many careers in many fields.”

Social sciences improve our everyday experience of life, by helping us to build or create better institutions and systems. This is why British employers, according to Prof James Wilsdon, “are queuing up to hire social science graduates.”

What industry can possibly operate without people skilled in the social sciences? Richard Mee, Academic and Quality Manager for Boston’s BSocSci, notes that companies like Google pioneered a new wave of business leaders from around the world, in every industry, who have seen that long term success relies on understanding people and cultivating healthy relationships between people. He continues, “No organisation that wants to be on the cutting edge of ‘best practice’ can operate without social science graduates. No organisation wanting to thrive can afford to ignore them any longer.”

What makes the Boston BSocSci special? Boston has intentionally created opportunities within the degree for students focussing on psychology, sociology, anthropology and economics to also take business management related subjects. Graduates will not only understand people systems, they will also be able to transfer that directly into good business practice and ethical leadership. This makes them immediately beneficial in the marketplace and society.

In order to train the change agents and influencers that Africa needs, Boston BSocSci develops graduates to think across disciplines to find and implement good solutions to complex problems, helping to build Africa’s businesses and institutions to be both financially and socially prosperous. Africa is ready for a new crop of leaders. Boston is ready to cultivate them.

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