Boston beats academic woes caused by virus

These are headlines we have all become used to seeing in South Africa – in the space of three days panic has set and changes life as we know it. Aside from panic buying that has emptied shelves, the other major discussion is learning how to home-school, both for school kids as well as university level students and lecturers.

While the majority of high schools and institutions have cancelled school altogether while they scramble to make plans for technology based education in the face of a continued and length phase of “stay home please” from the government, Boston City Campus finds itself in the ideal position to have uninterrupted flow of education, supervision and tutor input.

Our learning methodology for well over 10 years has been technology based, we’re not ‘experimenting’ because of Covid-19 – we have perfected this methodology to the extent that we have raised pass rates and achieved unheard of levels of customer satisfaction.

So, what does Boston offer that works so well, especially in times of #PleaseStayHome?

? On-line lectures, live contact with educators, regular assessments

? Study where you want to, when you want to.

? Work at your own pace. What are the benefits of this?

• Never miss a lecture.

• Consistent content for the whole of South Africa, with experienced lecturers.

Boston originally developed Technology based training as we found that this is the overall best methodology not only to reach students, but to teach them. Why?

• The internet keeps their interest

• They socialise and communicate with the internet.

• They “think” in technology.

• The best way for us to transfer knowledge to them is through technology

• Technology is interactive

• We can continually assesses and monitor their progress.

• Alerts supervisor when a student needs assistance.

• Allows learners from different backgrounds, different home languages, different skills and interests to learn the same consistent content. .

• Ensures consistency and quality of educators.

Students can now comfortably plan the remainder of their studies and remain on track with their weekly teaching & learning requirements as set out in the Boston tuition plans provided to them at the beginning of the semester.

Boston Academic Head Office in Stellenbosch however realises that despite the ability for ongoing education, this pandemic has caused social panic and confusion and have therefore revised due dates of assessments. This allows students time to plan intervals for studying from their textbooks, drafting their assignments, working on the self-assessment questions & exercises. In turn, this change enables students to plan when and where, if they wish to do so, to go online to catch up on their video lectures and online interactions. They have allowed for time for student to focus on or attend to their family needs for a while.

. As always, our Educators will remain available online via email, Skype or telephone to support our students.

Boston’s offerings include Postgraduate; Higher Certificates, Diplomas, and Degree Programmes Short Learning Programmes; Digital Learning Badges; Occupational Qualifications. We are Industry Recognised and are experts in our state of the art technology based training. This has always allowed for flexible, Full-Time and Part-Time study options including provision for Distance Learning. To further assist students, courseware and Text-books are included in tuition fees. Our message is: “Life happens! And, in our current global environment, we can’t control or predict what lies around the corner. So let’s work together, assist others where we can, and all aspire to achieve our goals.”

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