Big Plans to turn Inner City into a construction site

The fourth Inner City Partnership Forum, hosted by the Executive Mayor, Cllr Herman Mashaba and Member of Mayoral Committee for Development Planning, Cllr Reuben Masango at the New Council Chamber on 27 June 2018,  was abuzz with excitement about plans and initiatives presented by stakeholders geared at transforming and revitalising the inner city.

City investors and developers outlined detailed plans about creating a safe, inclusive hub that will be enjoyed by the residents of Johannesburg, particularly those in the inner city.

The projects will focus on addressing housing challenge, artisan training in the construction sector, job creation and sustainable urban agriculture to address food security issues.

Housing Development

The Johannesburg Property Owners and Managers Association (JPOMA) which represents Inner-City property owners having been doing sterling work through building upgrades conversions and effective urban and building management.

To date, various projects that have been rolled out by JPOMA the main focus has been to provide affordable housing with rental stock between R1750 to R 5500.

Co-Creating a thriving neighbourhood in the Eastern Gateway

Also sharing some exciting development initiatives in the eastern gateway were members of the Makers’ Valley who work with various City Departments, entities and cooperatives through their skills village to train young people and offer skills development in a range of sectors such as events, carpentry, arts and craft.

The Makers Valley also focuses on Urban Renewal and supports schools children through the Boys and Girls Club, a safe environment where kids can learn and play.

Job Creation and Skills Development

In addressing scarcity of jobs, particularly for young graduates and emerging entrepreneurs, Harambe unpacked its plans about working with the City and key stakeholders to tackle the youth unemployment challenge using data, innovation, partnerships and on-the-ground experience to build pragmatic, implementable solutions that get results.

Urban Agriculture

The Johannesburg Inner City Partnership and Wouldn’t It Be Cool (WIBC) have set out a programme to address food security for inner city residents and as a results jobs have been created through this exciting initiative.

The project has helped people become sustainable entrepreneurs and has over the months attracted young people to get involved in agriculture to tackle food security.

Over the last five months, the level of support from various stakeholders in all spheres of government and the private sector has grown in leaps and bounds with 22 entrepreneurs establishing farms in the heart of the inner city’s rooftop buildings.

Furthermore, the City of Johannesburg Council recently approved 71 buildings to be made available to private investors to develop mix-use buildings and affordable units with low cost rental stock.

It is evident that through the Inner City Transformation Roadmap, the City and its stakeholders have been working tirelessly to address the needs of the forgotten people.

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