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Beware of GCIS tender scam

Readers are hereby informed that there might be a possible Tender Fraud Scam using the details of the Government Communication and Information Systems (GCIS) officials and the Department that is recently making its rounds online.

“GCIS calls on the Service Providers and the Public at large to be aware and alert of the scam  going around which requires upfront payment in doing business with the GCIS Department,” said the department in a statement.

According to the GCIS, these fraudsters use fictitious GCIS Department documents like letters of appointment, official purchase order/s and contracts supposedly from GCIS Department with false signatures of the officials from GCIS. The fraudsters knows the names of the officials from the Department namely the CFO, Director: SCM and other officials within the Department. They communicate through mobile contact and email refers to the attached email from the scammers.

“GCIS emphasize and advise the Service Providers including the Public at large not to make any upfront payment request and report the matter to the Law enforcement/authorities. Service Providers are requested to verify the authenticity of the request/purchase order on 012 473 0000,” the department said.

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