Bemssel College takes a stand against abuse

On Wednesday, 26 October 2018, staff and learners of BEMSSEL College embarked on a campaign march through the streets of Johannesburg. The campaign was entitled ‘End It Now!’ It was aimed at raising awareness on various crimes and human rights violations that are currently on the rise and plaguing our nation.
These include, sexual and emotional abuse, gender based violence human(child) trafficking, substance abuse, killing of police officers, corruption, to mention but a few.

The march was also intended to challenge those in authority in their various capacities to take action against these crimes and violations.
“We would like to thank, the Johannesburg Metro Police Department for providing a very helpful escort during the march, Discount Foods as well for giving the learners a kind donation of distilled water to drink. Even passers-by and other spectators on the streets who briefly joined in at various points during the march, shouting their appreciation and encouragement to the children as they proceeded,” said Bemssel College Principal Silibaziso Sibanda.
A selected group of learners displayed a marching drill to officers and community present at Johannesburg Central Police Station.
Bemssel College Head girl, Tabeth Milanda, handed over a Memorandum to the Police Department. Brigadier Perumall received and signed the Memo on behalf of the Police department.
He encouraged the children to continue to raise awareness to the public through such campaigns and interaction with the Police Department.
“Overall, the event was a success, as there were no significant challenges faced and the plight of the children was heard,” Sibanda concluded.

One thought on “Bemssel College takes a stand against abuse

  • hie i am a former student of bemssel college and i would like to say is i am impresed with wat u dd to ur school ,i mean how in south africa would do such incredble work, i mean going out stricking against abuse i mean i am inpresed


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