Bankroll takes the world by storm

Bankroll Inc is a musical group founded by two enthusiastic youngsters Kool Keed Dripp and Courage the Brave on 24 September.

  The group is new, but the drivers behind the name are not new in the game. Courage the Brave and Kool Keed Dripp have been doing music for the past eight years.

  Bankroll has already taken the world by storm with their new sound. At the beginning of September they recorded their first solid single, which led them to decide on working on a pioneer driver in the hip-hop industry. 

  The group drops singles every Friday to keep the public entertained and tuned to great music, in a movement called Hit Fridays.

  On 11 October Bankroll released their first single called Burn Down. The song was a banger that was played on the Trap Show with Voltrex on Caxton Radio, followed by their second single called Reload on 18 October.

  They also collaborated with a couple of  local and international artists on their Ep project called The Blueprint Sketch on 10 November. 

  This led the crew to get numerous radio plays and interviews on the Voltrex Show and Sounds of Azania just to mention a few.

Social media Handles

Facebook : BANKROLL Inc.

Instagram :@Bankrollinc_music

Twitter : @BankrollInc

SoundCloud : BANKROLL Inc


NB :ALL Bankroll Inc songs are available for streaming and purchase on ITunes and over 200 digital stores worldwide including Facebook, Instagram, SiRi, Shazam

We also offer Distribution of music to all musical stores (ITunes and over 200 stores worldwide) (Artist keep 100 % of their royalty no hidden secrets)

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