ANC pays tribute to Credo Mutwa

Johannesburg – In a statement the ANC has said the death of traditional leader and storyteller Credo Mutwa was not only a loss to the arts and culture fraternity, but to the entire nation.

ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe said Africa has lost one of its finest sons, whose contribution to the country and continent remains immeasurable.

“He devoted most of his energy towards preserving African culture and challenging the tendency to relegate African cultural practices and beliefs to myths and superstitions. The once vibrant storyteller and traditional healer is respected for advocating for the use of traditional medicines and discovering the origins of mankind.”

Mabe added that Mutwa will be remembered for his predictions, including the assassination of SACP leader Chris Hani, and the 1976 uprisings.

Mutwa also authored several books in his life. One of his books, Indaba, my children, was both a commercial and critical success; selling over 250 000 copies in South Africa.

Mabe added that Mutwa also pursued his talents as a painter and sculptor.

“The people of our country will treasure his memory as one of our most distinguished sons, who placed his spiritual gifts at the disposal of his nation,” Mabe said.

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