An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

Blanka Mazimela’s ‘Phezulu’ has been one of the biggest recent tunes on Get Physical and now it gets a solo release with remixes from Aero Manyelo and Niko Schwind.
Aero Manyelo’s excellent version was included on the label’s Most Wanted compilation in August and also on the artist’s own Body Language Vol 19 mix from April. Manyelo is a prominent artist in his native South Africa and has produced tunes that went on to get huge support from the likes of Dixon and Damian Lazarus. His version is an excellently enchanting one thanks to the thoughtful pianos and sensuous pads, the gentle percussion and soulful vocals. It’s a romantic track that will add real emotion to any set.
The second remix from Niko Schwind finds the German Stil For Talent producer flip it into something more upbeat but just as classy and musical. Sweeping chords extend up to the heavens and the vocal is an intimate one, but the drums are bigger and the percussion has more drive to ensure a more immediate impact. The original is from Cape Town’s Blanka Mazimela, another one of the excellent South African talents Get Physical have been showcasing in recent times. It is a warm track that oozes authentic South African house feelings, with great melodies draped over the slick drum work.
These are three sophisticated house tracks that will continue to warm up dance floors well into winter.
1. Phezulu (Aero Manyelo Remix)
2. Phezulu (Niko Schwind Remix)
3. Phezulu
Boston City Campus & Business College academic head office is in Stellenbosch, from where Mazimela adds “academic Head of Department”: to his list of daily tasks! While Mazimela encourages students to focus on career building qualifications, he also praises the launch of an additional Soul Candi short learning programme to introduce students to the industryy. The new programme is available at all branches nationwide, and is called the Introduction to Digital Music Composition and Production. Mazimela says this short learning programme was introduced to broaden access across all Boston branches.
This programme adds to the existing repertoire which includes DJ101 (offered at selected Boston Branches), The Music Business (offered nationwide), and Digital Music Composition & Production (offered at selected Boston Branches).
What types of careers can you pursue with a qualification in the music industry? While you may need to combine or supplement a qualification such as DJ101 with, say, a business diploma, which would give you a greater edge in understanding the full running of a business, these are the types of careers that you could explore in the music industry: Performing & Writing Careers. DJ (Nightclub DJ). Recording Careers. Record Producer. Record Industry Careers. Music Business Careers. Personal Manager. Facility, Arena, & Club Careers. Concert Hall Manager. Film Music Careers. Composer. Music Journalism.
“Programme directors spend a lot of time on their admin,” notes Mazimela. While the industry appears to be glamourous, there is still a great deal of admin work to be done such as returning emails and calls, dealing people, meetings with PR companies and more.
Whatever direction you choose in music, Boston’s collaboration with Soul Candi will ensure you gain the industry skills you require to start your career in this really exciting and happening industry.
Mazimela concludes with some words of motivation, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Always strive to become a product of value and the best version of yourself in anything that you do”

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