Activists pull down abortion flyers

Activists pull down abortion flyers

Nomahlubi Jordaan

A group of activists advocating for legal abortions removed about 1 000 flyers pasted on walls in the Joburg CBD last Thursday.

  The group, calling itself Sexual Reproductive Health for your Information, removed flyers promoting unsafe abortions. A member of the group Khanyisa Booi said they do not only take the flyers down, but also reach out to people.

  “The clean-up went well; we managed to reach an audience. However, we were disappointed that no one from the department of health came through. It is disheartening that they could not attend such an important event.

  “We removed over 1 000 flyers at Park Station. Unfortunately, because of the bylaws, we could not post messages on safe abortions and where people could go to have the procedure done,” Booi said.

  She said they were planning for a similar event for September 28, which is designated as Safe Abortion Day.

  “This is a reminder that no woman should have to die for making a choice that law and constitutional rights support. Abortion is healthcare and, therefore, a basic human right. Science corroborates that abortions done by trained health care providers in a controlled environment are safe, and do not compromise a woman’s quality of life beyond the procedure,” she added. Timeslive

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