A Few Success Stories “Cradle to Career”

KgopiSetsiba (6) started attending the ECD programme at the age of three. After losing her mother, Kgopi received the psychosocial support she needed with the help of her teacher, a social worker and her family, and she has since grown tremendously confident and has shown growth in her emotional development and confidence. She is now a budding dancer, credited as beings the best in the n our ECD” she proudly said.

Lethabo Molefe (9) is in the CYD programme at Uthando Centre. When she started at Afrika Tikkun she was so knowledgeable and confident that she would intimate her peers. She has decided that she would like to become either a nurse or a co-pilot.

Lethabo says: “I recognise that serving others is not one of my strong points, but it is something that I would like to learn. I think that education is very important and for me to become a nurse or pilot I will need to study hard and pass well.”

Rorisang Mokoena (11) joined Afrika Tikkun in the ECD programme. She is now completing her grade sixin the CYD programme. Rorisang is their youngest Peer Educator andrecently received a CYD award for Best Academic Results. Rorisang is one of the best speakers in the programme and was chosen to represent Arekopaneng Centre at Thetha FM to talk about bullying in schools.One day, she would like to study Electrical Engineering so that she can combat the electrical issues faced by Orange Farm.

Rorisang says; “Being a peer educator has groomed me to encourage my peers to speak up about abuse or personal issues – at home and at school.”

 Thamsanqa Ncube (16)started out at Afrika Tikkun in theCYDprogramme. He has a knack for IT and a passion for empowering others. Coding has quickly becoming his need-to-know skill and he is determined totransfer his skills to his peers because he believes they have potential. A slot was given to him by his facilitator to teach, and today he does it with absolute passion and pride.

Thamsanqa says: “Although standing in front of my peers sometimes scares me; I am determined to share my knowledge. My dream is to one day have an animation school where I will teach the next generation of Africa’s high-tech storytellers.”

Thembani Mayunda (18) joined Afrika Tikkun in the CYD programmewhen he was in grade six and attended most of the Centre programmes on offer. At first an average student he now excels in his school work and proudly gets around 80% in Maths and Physical sciences.

In 2017, he became interested in cycling and has been chosen to travel to the USAto participate in the Safelite Triathlon. He has already won a medal for a triathlon he participated in in February. But Thembani isn’t just a sportsman, he is also an entrepreneur who invented noise cancelling headphones and currently runs his own business. He participated in the National Young Entrepreneurship program called Step-Up to a Start-Up and took the first place.Thembani wants to see success in his business and one day become a civil engineer.

Thembani says: “Afrika Tikkun has changed my life and has become my second home. I am very excited about going to the USA. No one in my family has ever been overseas.”

Katlego Zasekhaya (19) joined the CYD programme in grade three and attended extra learning classes throughout. As Katlego could only attend English classes on a Saturday morning she initiated a Math learning group and encouraged her group to attend so that they could learn from each other.Katlego passed her Matric with a Bachelor’s Degree and secured a three-year scholarship from Adam G Foundation. She is now studying Corporate Communications at the University of Johannesburg.

Katlego says: “I want to be successful and make it big in the communications industry. I will never stop giving back to the community.”

LindiweMabuya (19) started attending the CYD programme. She is now studying towards a degree through UNISA and volunteers for the organisation. When starting out at Afrika Tikkun she was an anti-social person and feared letting anyone in her space but after numerous experiences writing and delivering speeches she has learnt to concentrate, break through her fear of speaking in public and appreciate being able to express her opinion – even expressing herself in different ways depending on personalities and environments.

Lindiwe says; “Youth are filled with so much passion and enthusiasm. and Afrika Tikkun enhances that… through Afrika Tikkun I have been challenged to never let the fear of failure dominate me… I focus on inspiration and positivity every day, and believe that I will reach my goals… There is a dream I have – all the world in union… I want to become a psychologist to understand what triggers the human mind and why other people do what they do… I want to help others find solutions to their problems.”

ObedMokgoko (23)joined Afrika Tikkun in the Career Development Programme. Before registering at Afrika Tikkun, he was studying towards a Business Management Diploma but due to lack of finance was forced to stop. He struggled to find employment. After graduating from the YSDP programme, Obed was placed at a branch of Woolworths and is currently working as a sales assistant, making his way up the corporate ladder.

Obed says; “The little knowledge that I had combined with my Afrika Tikkun experience, boosted me to go forward. I was a bit shy when I started the training. Afrika Tikkun helped me to be stable and boosted my morals and confidence. I was exposed to things that I wasn’t aware of and I have acquired all of these skills free of charge.”

Sinazo Maci (23)started is one of five young people who graduated from the Career Development Programme’s Ready to Work course and was placed in a six months Work Experience Programme at Brite Link Company, currently employed as a Trial-run administrator.

Sinazo says: “I was very nervous and excited about my first day of work. I have not had a job before and I’m happy that I will now gain some work experience – a path towards a better future.”

Tshepo Vincent Nkosi (29)who graduated from the Career Development Programme at the Phuthaditjaba Centre in Alexander, was recently placed for work at Lavazza and has now been hiredpermanently.

Tshepo says: “One of my recent highlights working at Lavazza was attending a Miss South Africa event and meeting former Miss South Africa, Basetsana Khumalo.”

Lillian Sibambo (81)is a bedridden client staying alone. Due to a health condition, she needs help to meet her daily needs. Her Primary Health Worker arranged for two caregivers to assist her with bathing and housekeeping twice a week. Lilian also receives green vegetables for vitamins, Sejo and a lunch box delivered to her house daily.

Lillian says: “Old age is a challenging phase of life and I’m so grateful for the love and respect of everyone at Afrika Tikkun.”

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