A Broad Based BCom gives you the edge in business.

“It can be difficult these days to convince students to commit to three or four years towards achieving a degree.” So says Nonhlanhla Dube of Boston City Campus & Business College. “Technology is a great instigator of immediate gratification, many students want to leave school with their matric certificates and be a manager. Education is a long-term commitment that pays off in the long-term. Achieving the privilege of using B.Com after your name must be earned.  Just look through the job ads and see what the requirements are. Most jobs these days require a degree – any degree. So making plans to achieve a degree is great start to making plans for employment, or promotion.”Nonhlanhla continues that whatever your interests, a BCom degree is an outstanding way to secure employment. “Employers like the BCom degree – it shows you have persevered, and dedicated time and effort to studies, which in turn means you are committed to a successful future for yourself and your employer. She advises to investigate the career options, as discussed below. B.Com. graduates are preferred in the H.R. Department in all areas of Corporate Sector, Tourism, Hospitals and Hotel Industry —because they have the fundamental knowledge of finance, marketing, operations and systems, budgeting and business planning.Commerce graduates having studied marketing and marketing management can also take to management, consultation, product management, market research, and public relations — in the Promotional and Advertising Sectors. 

Banking is an option for graduates of the BCom management Marketing and the Bachelor of Accounting. Bankers are now involved in customer services, investments, advice and more. For those who choose to build a career in the banking sector, the range of opportunities is as diverse as the entire field of financial services. There are several areas in the banking sector – Retail banking and Wholesale banking, International banking, Risk management, Project finance, Banking strategy and new products development, Treasury functions. A BCom is an excellent starting point as an undergraduate. 

Do you enjoy dealing with numbers daily? Can you take pressure? Well, if you would like to be in the thick of the financial world, talking numbers – consider stock broking. There are a whole lot of people involved in the field including the dealing room, the operations, compliance, research, and sales. Most of the time young and fresh people are taken into sales, research and operations function. A stock broking firm is divided into three parts – Customer interface, Research department, Back office functions. You need subjects like Mathematics, Commerce and Economics and at least elementary Finance. 

The economy has changed the Insurance Sector into a career area with almost unlimited potential. The Insurance Industry is emerging as one of the largest employers in the country today. Commerce graduates will also find profitable openings in this field as agents or in various capacities in the large number of insurance and banking companies.

Start generating ideas and let your mind be open to all possibilities. Entrepreneurship is about initiative, imagination, flexibility, creativity and the capacity to see change as an opportunity. Commerce graduates are better suited as some of the skills needed to be an entrepreneur are people skills, knowledge of financial management, understanding of the markets and ability to plan and act.

NOhnlanhla concludes that commerce graduates gain good employment prospects. “The choice is yours, look at all the opportunities, ask questions and seek advice. There is almost no area of business today where your analytical, accounting, marketing, and H.R. skills cannot be used.  No other degree has the advantage you have in the job market. You will learn a variety of subjects and develop skills best suited for today’s globalised business requirements”.

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