#100MenMarch: Men make their voices heard

Representatives of various sectors of society expressed support for the #100MenMarch, which got underway in Tshwane yesterday.
Among them are actors, social activists, NGOs and various organisations.
Prominent actor Sello Maake kaNcube revealed that he is supporting the event because of his staunch opposition to gender-based violence.
“I would like to see men taking responsibility for their own actions in restoring and going back to dignity,” he said.

Ncube said men must make sure they take responsibility when they are fathers.
“If we don’t father our children, who will? We are not men because we can make babies. We are men because we can take care of those babies,” he said.
Maake kaNcube urged men to use their power to build a better society.

Javu Baloyi, the spokesperson for the Commission for Gender Equality, described today’s march as historic.
“For the first time, we are partnering with government, faith-based and civil society organisations and Chapter Nine institutions… We’ve had enough.
“We want to see the scourge being arrested. We have realised that we have been working in silos. We are going to go to the provinces and make sure that all those committing barbaric, heinous acts are removed and locked away,” he said.

Police Minister Bheki Cele joined hundreds of police cadets at the 100 Men March.
Cele has admitted that the police sometimes do not act appropriately when domestic violence and gender abuse cases are reported.
He said that not all police officers are rotten apples and that the cadets were brought to take part in the march to learn and appreciate the importance of working with communities.
Representatives from churches and NGOs also attended the march.

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