Bid to benefit from City projects

Yeoville – Local businesses and residents have complained that they do not benefit from municipality projects in their area, and so they decided to shut them down to force the city council to discuss the issue with them.

  Yeoville’s Ward 67 Councillor Refilwe Mazibuko recently met small business and community representatives to find a solution.  Local SMMEs complained that they are not considered when projects take place in their area, accusing the municipality of unfair practices.

  A Joburg Water project remains suspended, owing to community claims that they do not benefit from it.

  Mazibuko said most Joburg Water projects have been affected because local businesses, supported by community members, disrupted them. “They accuse Joburg Water of favouritism, claiming that only one company always gets the job, while they submit their documents but allegedly overlooked.”

  Mazibuko said they claim that the company that gets the contracts does not belong to their ward.

  “They say directors of this company are not residents of this ward, but reside in the neighbouring ward. The projects include restoring new pipes, unblocking drainage systems and water reticulation. They feel that Joburg Water only gives this company all the jobs, while they also have the capacity to carry out the work,” she said.

  Mazibuko said they could not find a solution due to another issue.

  “It was said after completing one of their projects Johannesburg Water engaged Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) to resurface the road, without including local labour. The community is adamant that the projects will remain suspended until Joburg Water meets their terms,” she said.

  Joburg Water spokesperson Eleanor Mavimbela said they are not aware of the issue referred to. “We shall investigate the situation, after that we will be able to respond to the complaints,” she said.

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